Our History

The genesis of Elements began in July 2007 when Lisa Saunders and Gary Weddel took the courageous step to create a public accounting firm. They had no name, no address or telephone number, no people and no clients; but they had a vision. Armed with more than 50 years of public practice experience between them, they envisioned "doing it differently".

From our vision, came our name. With over 2500 accounting firms in Ontario, it's easy for most to get lost amongst the masses. This was not to be the case for us. While most CPA firms aspire to names representative of their partners, Elements chose a different direction. The name had to express the unity of our team and of our business brand. Plus, it had to embrace the concept that the very foundation that our firm was built upon: "Do It Differently". We are now one of only a handful of public accounting firms in the province which have a non-personalized name that was counsel approved by Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario ("CPAO"). The name Elements, embodies our team concept. This is a firm that is not about the owners, but rather something greater. It's about who we are as an entire organization. With our name in place, our firm was born.