Alchemy Partners

Alchemy Partners represents our estate planning and trustee services.

The name carries an underlying significance to the whole of our firm. To the ancient Greeks, "Alchemy" meant "to separate and to join together". The Alchemy - Elements bond is further strengthened with the modern definition of alchemy: "to make something common into something special". At Elements and Alchemy, special is what we do best.

At Alchemy, we're here for your estate planning needs. We want to change the common misconception that estate planning is solely for the rich. The truth is that all people can benefit from estate planning, whether their wealth is considered small or great.

What we do is ensure that your desires for your estate are met. That your estate will be passed along exactly as you intended with no delays for heirs, clear directions and no complications. We understand many of the challenges you may face at this difficult time and provide the type support and close attention that is uniquely Alchemy.

Alchemy's estate planning services include:

  • Preparation of accounts for passing by the courts
  • Inventory and valuation of deceased's assets and liabilities
  • Maintaining estate and trust books and records
  • Where necessary, arrange for interim management of the deceased's business
  • Providing monthly, quarterly or annual reports to beneficiaries
  • Assist with management of assets for on-going trusts if the will so directs
  • Preparation and review of trust and estate tax returns
  • Preparation and advice related to terminal tax returns